• Mariangela Lestou

    Mariangela Lestou

    loving life :) founder @Look4Studies - proud member of @TEDxAthens organizing team

  • Amalia Agathou

    Amalia Agathou

    Creative✏️ 🎨 Info & Coms Systems Engineer πŸ¦„ YouTuber πŸŽ₯ Entrepreneur πŸ’΅ @grecenouveau Clothes For Thought πŸ’­βš‘ Sis in 🏠 @bloomingfounders

  • Patroklos


    Originally from Athens, Tuck grad, currently living the dream in the Upper Valley. I'd love to be instagram-fit but my comforter is far too heavy.

  • Alec Peter Karys

    Alec Peter Karys

    Startup evangelist......

  • Panos Kazanelis

    Panos Kazanelis

    360 digital communications strategist since the beginning of bits&bytes now working with exponential technologies

  • Manos Karkonis

    Manos Karkonis

  • Maxime Fouquette

    Maxime Fouquette

    Knowledge is key.

  • Jason Sgro

    Jason Sgro

    Partner at ATOM, Speaker, Evangelist, and Guide, helping leaders build a future we can trust.

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